Pathway of Peace

This ministry, through the teaching and work of Pastor Thabet Megaly, aims to help Muslims come to a true understanding of who God is; to engage those interested in knowing the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and to equip fellow Christians to carry out this focused commission of outreach to all people, for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God, and for His glory.

Niagara Life Centre

A Christian-based counseling ministry, providing aid for individuals experiencing life crises, including marriage and family breakdown, depression, grief, anger, co-dependency, unplanned pregnancy, parenting challenges, and post-abortion trauma. This ministry does not receive government support.

Ontario Christian Gleaners

The Ontario Christian Gleaners gather donated produce from farmers, food processing companies and stores to help feed the hungry in about 40 countries around the world. The Gleaners, benefitting from the help of volunteers (about 1,000 volunteer hours a week) dehydrate donated produce to make packages of a nourishing soup mix and other food

Out of the Cold

Our church contributes volunteers and financial support to this program in which host downtown St. Catharines churches, in partnership with community churches, provide a hot meal, companionship and overnight shelter to those in need during the colder months i.e. November 1 – March 31

Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF)

MERF strengthens national churches in their ministry of evangelism, church extension, biblical training and diaconal aid in 15 countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.  Its radio broadcasts proclaim the historic Christian faith as expressed in early ecumenical creeds and the confessions of the Reformation.  Rev. Victor Atallah is the director.

Mid-America Reformed Seminary

Contributions are used for the benefit of Canadian students at the seminary as well as to help cover the costs of operating the seminary.

Needy Churches

This offering provides aid to churches within the URC which are in financial need.

Hope Academy

A new private Christian-values based school in Toronto.  Graduates from these programs have done very well in future educational pursuits, having developed higher skills, knowledge and discipline. Andrew Straatsma, the Principal of Hope Academy, brings 20 years of experience in Burlington and Barrie Christian schools.  For more information: (416) 254-1617

Hispanic Christian Ministries – Rev. Eric Pennings

This is a ministry of leadership development among Hispanics in Central America. It is a venture of the Covenant Reformed Church of Toronto in partnership with Trinity United Reformed Church of Cape Coral, Florida and Ministries in Action.

Hannah House

This organization provides a safe, secure environment for adolescent mothers.  It encourages restoration and hope, giving Biblical guidance, and empowering the young women assisted to make life-giving decisions which will benefit their own futures, that of their babies and existing and future relationships.

Evangelical Reformed Seminary Of Ukraine (ERSU)

Located in Kiev Ukraine, this seminary has three full time professors and also benefits from the help of professors flown in from the North America and the Netherlands. They teach Pastor-students who are presently working in existing congregations and also church plant workers who desire to upgrade themselves in theology, pastoral theology, teaching and especially preaching.  Our support is needed for day-to-day operations and to support students during their time in Kiev.

Christian Counselling Centre

Is committed to maintaining professional standards as it facilitates empowerment in ways which are based on the Scriptures. It is dedicated to helping people who are experiencing emotional, psychological and spiritual distress and suffering. To help alleviate this distress and suffering, the Centre offers Christian counseling by qualified Christian professionals.