Created by Christians Against Poverty, this free, fun, interactive, three-evening course is designed to help people manage their money better, work on debt if they have it, budget, save, and spend well. You aren’t asked to divulge your income, debt load, or what you spent last month on entertainment, but you’ll be introduced to a proven system that can help you manage your finances better, so that your finances don’t manage you. Even if you already have a pretty good handle on things, you will pick up some worthwhile tips.

Please spread the word and invite those you know so that this course will be a blessing also to people outside our church community.  Everyone is welcome!

Interested in Taking the Course?

The course takes place over three 2 hour sessions with a two week break in between each class. Our next course starts on Monday, March 27, 2017 at 7:30 PM.


Interested in coming? Contact us at and we will be in touch.